Valet services are available at Grace Relocations to make preparation after the tiring and busy packing and moving out day. We take care of all those relocation steps, and you will have a stress free unpacking. We even take care of the process to unpack your goods and set you ready to go to your new location from the day one.

With our extensive checklists, our valet assistants give their complete attention to your pre or post-relocation needs. It makes a complete sense to be ready when the team of Grace Relocations arrives to pack or deliver at your place.

We've worked in all kinds of places. We offer many services with our valet team in all major Indian cities and overseas. Think about how calm and organized you will feel, knowing that all the hard work of relocation is taken care of by us. It will also give you the time to take care of your other priorities.

Grace Relocations Valet Service includes:

Unpacking boxes:

All packed items will be unpacked cautiously and the contents placed in their respective areas throughout the new location according to your choice and instruction.

Arranging and styling:

After the unpacking process we will arrange and style your rooms as per your preference. For example, bedrooms are set up, beds are made, and clothing is prearranged and placed into your wardrobes.

Cleaning up:

This includes vacuuming the floors and wiping down shelves, cupboards and furniture. You just have to settle in and do nothing when you are leaving all the work on Grace Relocations.


We will finally remove the clutter, trash and unnecessary items like packing materials and you will have to place for yourself and your family to explore.

If you are looking for these services while you are moving out to a new destination, get our quote now.