Whether you are looking to relocate your business in another city or to another country, Grace Relocations can help with the entire process. We coordinate, oversee, and carry out full installations and provide the standard of service, which is just appropriate for you. We handle anything from visual placement and drop-in business to full business installations.

Grace Relocations offers services that are tailor-made for your business needs. We pace, deliver items, unpack, and place or install the items per your direction. So, there is no need for sleepless nights before relocating your business. With the years, we have developed an expertise that has sufficed us with the understanding of the scale and nature of your business operations. We respect your business, and so we take the onus on us to ensure that the relocation process goes hassle-free for you.

Comprehensive Installation Service of Grace Relocations

Relocating any business includes moving the parts irrespective of the scale. One of the most laborious aspects of relocation can be the installation of those parts.

At Grace Relocations, we know the care required to set you up and run at your maximum capacity rapidly. Hence, our team works with you and your schedule to get the job done as fast as possible.

We have the knowledge and tools to assemble, dis-assemble and reassemble placing and installation of artworks, electrical, furniture, racks, computers and electronic equipment, as well as IT disconnect and reconnect. We do this in a timely manner, making sure you stay on track.

The solid reputation of Grace Relocations has been built on successful relocation installations for businesses like:

Trust the skill, expertise and performance of Grace Relocations for your business relocation’s installation and the outcomes will exceed your hopes.

Asset Monitoring Technology

The cutting-edge technology platform of Grace Relocations was designed with convenience of clients in mind. An exclusive feature of this platform is our exceptional asset management system which let us to track your commercial assets, giving you peace of mind that your assets will be strongly managed throughout the project duration

Our qualified project managers supervise your relocation, using our amazing asset management system to organise the entire procedure. From business records to new furniture, we make sure your assets are accounted for at their new location.

You can trust Grace Relocations completely for your reliable asset management and installation services.