Whether you are on a long term assignment where you can't take your valuable fine-arts and antique possessions along or due to the lack of space at your new place, whatever may be the reason is, Grace Relocations have the solution for it.

Personalized Artwork & Antique Storage Solutions

The place in which your artwork is stored can bring a huge difference to the long life of the fine art. Fine art pieces are mostly affected by sunlight, humidity, smoke and temperature, resulting in their severe and permanent damage.

That’s why Grace Relocations offers various storage solutions to protect your valuables during their relocation.

At Grace Relocations, we provide world-class fine-arts and antique storage facilities for your long and short term needs of storing your valuables. Our state of the art storage facilities gives you the convenience, safety, and affordability your fine-arts and antiques deserve. Our storage places are well maintained, have round the clock security, insured, and fully equipped with fire fighting and safety devices. Our secure storage facilities consist of:

Our team maintains a discrete and qualified approach and are ardent about artworks and the work we do.

Quality Assured Fine Art Storage

Grace Relocations promises safe and secure relocation and storage of your fine art items by maintaining our integrated management system (IMS).