Relocation needs proper planning and its execution should be taken care of in a safe way. Planning needs time. The time to work on the entire moving process might also depend on the location you are moving to and whether you are moving your business or home. Hence, whenever you have the plan to relocate, call Grace Relocations beforehand. Give us a call at least 1-2 weeks in advance. This will help us to plan your move properly and arrange the transportation as well smoothly.
Grace Relocations assures to pack and unpack your goods on your priority basis. Do not worry, our team will consult you with the entire procedure before we start with your project and let you know our plan of action. You are free to put in your necessity in the plan.
We are pleased that you have decided to trust us with the shipment of your goods and the total relocation procedure. We will assign a dedicated professional at your service and he/she will be with you from the day you contact us for your relocation. You are free to connect with him/her any time for an update. Moreover, you will have tracking details to track your goods online.
Grace Relocations ensures that all your goods are safely packed and wrapped properly before being taken to transport. However, in case of any mishap, we have insurance for your good. Do not forget to apply for when you are taking our service.
Yes, of course. We are very particular about the entire relocation process. We take good care of the goods/items, we are relocating on behalf of our clients. We take all the necessary steps to keep them away from any damage on the way or during packing or unpacking. However, mishaps never knock the door before coming to us. Hence, we have proper insurance policies for our clients. They can apply for it on their goods and get the best safety. Our professionals at Grace Relocations will guide you through the insurance procedure. Ensure that you fill in the value of your items correctly when you are filling up the insurance papers.
Just think carefully what amount it will take to replace the item. Fill in that amount in your insurance document. That’s all. Make sure to fill the amount of your valuables.
We will recommend our clients not to transport any perishable items along with other household items as these may damage the other valuable household items when being transported. It is also not recommended to transport hazardous materials such as gas canisters, aerosol cans, firearms and other destructive materials like wood, brick, cement, etc along with the household goods.
Yes, we have storage facilities for our clients on both short and long-term basis. Grace Relocations is happy to provide storage facilities for all business and household items.
We will recommend you not to take this step. It is better if the experts take care of this. The trained team of Grace Relocations how to pack your items safely and will do the needful. After the packing is over, the team will ensure that all your goods reach the destination safely and are unpacked with care. However, if you wish to pack your clothes and other personal belongings on your own, we will send you the packing materials in advance so that you can keep them ready before transportation.
Yes, we also provide the unpacking services and arrange your things. After the transport vehicle reaches its destination, the goods are unloaded, unpacked and arranged in your new home.