Grace Relocations has tied up with top electronics waste recyclers, who currently serve on a global basis managing the wastes during any relocation. These recyclers work with us for our variety of clients.

We recognize the complexity of environmental rule, our clients are facing. For our clients to concentrate on their core business, we provide a package of services – not only the physical recycling of goods but services ranging from advice on the rules and environmental reporting on waste disposal to E-Waste Management.

Saving our planet:

As technology turns into an ever-increasing part of our lives and continues to develop, billions of tons of rejected "e-waste" must be managed in a responsible manner and Grace Relocations helps you in this job expertly during your relocation. Most electronic devices comprise a variety of materials that can be mended for recycling. If equipment that comprises metals can be recycled, less mining will be needed. Equipment like TVs and computer monitors have high levels of lead and other dangerous wastes that must be disposed of sensibly, and not discarded into municipal trash.

Electronic equipment that must be recycled